Petzi Treat Cam review

petzi treat cam

petzi treat cam


cats are entirely independent animals. When I’m away, I get the impression I miss mine more than he misses me. This is particularly obvious now that I’ve acquainted him with the Petzi Treat Cam. It’s a Wi-Fi-associated camera that likewise shoots out treats to your holding up canine or cat companion. My feline cherishes this thing. He’d love it much more on the off chance that he could break into it.

There are lot of different cameras but just like me everyone wants to pick best pet camera. I’ve looked into various surveillance cameras in my day, so I have no deficiency of recordings of my cat. He tends to trip the movement sensor… always. The Petzi doesn’t record video, yet you can keep an eye on your pet remotely on account of its live-gushing abilities. You can likewise snap a photograph, and sharing is intensely energized by the iOS and Android application’s social highlights. It’s not immaculate (murmur fect?), but rather it allows for some quality collaboration amongst you and your pet when you’re not home.


The Petzi isn’t precisely lovely. It’s plastic, white, and rectangular. There are screws for mounting it to the divider and Velcro for attaching it to a household item. Denounce any and all authority and abandon it remaining without anyone else, and your pet will thump it down. Regardless of whether he was endeavoring to stick his face in the container part of the contraption or batting at it, my feline figured out how to thump it over a few times previously I wised-up. Shouldn’t simply give it a chance to hang out on the floor, however. It shoots the treats, regurgitating nibblets in a few headings, so your pet moves some activity while from bit to bit.

Application Set Up

To set up the application, the Petzi needs to know all the deets about your pet. It’s sort of like setting up a dating profile for your feline. I should include a portrayal (only here for the treats), his age (a kitty never tells), animal groups (so species-ist!), breed (very much reared), estimate (he’s OK with his size), sexual orientation (allows simply say he’s fixed), site (perhaps the spiderweb on the yard?), and most loved treat (every one of them). Obviously, the vast majority of these had drop-down answers, so my feline’s identity couldn’t generally radiate through. At that point I included his cutest picture (it kind of resembles he’s breakdancing) and was set.

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